Vala Moorde

"I'll let you use my servant however you want if you can get us where we need to go."


Regal, well-dressed, beautiful. Vala Moorde carries herself in a way that only nobility can truly execute. As rejuve procedures are commonplace among the wealthy and the elite, it is difficult to say exactly how old Vala is, although she appears to be a woman in the prime of her life.
She wields an ornate hand flamer, a priceless antique sword called “Friendmaker”, and she carries a number of texts forbidden in the Holy Imperium of Humanity.


Vala Moorde is the primary heir of a Rogue Trader dynasty. Her motives for arriving in the Shivering Sea are unknown at this point, as is her agenda while in the warp storm.

Vala arrived in the Shivering Sea several years ago with her mute, unfailingly loyal minion Fai Ling. She set about creating information networks and allies but as a relatively unknown element in the Shivering Sea, Vala’s influence was limited.

The heiress gained the notice of Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never and was summoned to base of operations of the Horde of Never on Labria. Aodarn tasked Vala, Ildánach Longhand and the pirate Veigar Ahlberg to investigate the World Engine beneath Dordrien.

Vala seemingly abandoned_ The Compact_ just before the assault on the subterranean outpost of Szith Morcane.

As Ildánach, Veigar and Captain Dondarrion Locke arrived in the city of Maerimydra, they felt a searing pain in their souls and knew something had happened to Vala on the surface.

Although Vala presents a cheerful, blase attitude, her true nature is frightening and alien. She has no qualms using Fai Ling or her other companions as bait before using her hand flamer. She has also used Fai Ling as sexual currency as an incentive for crude individuals to work for her.

Vala Moorde

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