The Untethered Man

"You want to get outta here? Did I already ask that?"


UntetheredMan.jpg “Have we already met on the asteroid? Or does that come later?”


A strange, floating man dressed in red robes who appeared before the Fathers of Discord after the death of Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee.

The man proclaimed The Compact to be “The Fathers of Discord” before teleporting them out from the Undying Temple to the surface of Dordrien.

In addition to his ability to float and teleport, the man seems not to experience time in a linear manner, asking the group several times “do you wanna get out of here?” and enquiring whether they’d “had the meeting on the asteroid.”

The man told the Fathers of Discord to meet him in a place called Tcian Sumere.

After months of investigation, the group discovered Tcian Sumere is supposedly the centre of The Shivering Sea.

The Untethered Man

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