The Pale Lord, Marius Adothar

Doubt is a sign of weakness. Weakness is a sign of corruption. Corruption must be purged.


A giant of a man in ancient, ornate power armour, Inquisitor Adothar is a zealous warrior and uncompromising master. The armour appears to be finished in exquisite porcelain, with fine blue artworks showing scenes of the Emperor’s life and the greatest victories of the Imperium. Adothar is never seen in public without his mask.


Marius Adothar, called the Pale Lord, is a member of the Ordo Hereticus and and Inquisitor-Errant. He is a puritan, and a well-respected member of the Harper Conclave, the guiding agency of the Inquisition within the Basque Sector.

The Pale Lord, Marius Adothar

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