The Ngwenya

Consume everything, Locke. Fulfill your destiny.




While travelling through the Shivering Sea, Locke and the Fathers of Discord came across a pocket of distorted time – within that pocket dwelt a daemon prince calling itself “Ngwenya.”

The daemon resembles a serpent and is at least big enough to wrap itself around a small voidship and is covered in shifting, multi-coloured scales.

Ngwenya revealed itself to be Locke, at least 7000 years in the future. The Ngwenya said it fulfilled a prophesy to become “the Dragon Who Ate The World” and had destroyed everything in the Shivering Sea.

It seemed on friendly terms with Ildánach and Veigar – regarding them as “old friends.”

The Fathers of Discord witnessed the Ngwenya smash through the surface of a planet, sundering massive chunks of rock into the void. If it is to be believed, the Ngwenya has killed billions over the course of 7000 years.

The Ngwenya

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