Shepherd Garian Kohanim

"This is just like the time with all those daemons."


A servant of the Ecclesiarchy working for the Inquisition.

A somewhat bombastic man, Kohanim is a “Shepherd” in the service of Inquisitor Venix.

Kohanim is blithe and approaches life with a casual approach that sets him apart from his peers in the Cult of the Emperor.

He is fond of his companion Guardsman Reks, although he does enjoy poking fun at the man in a callous way.

Kohanim and Reks were sent to track down a missing Mechanicus vessel in the Vortigern Sector by Venix.

They discovered the vessel hidden behind a translation point in the Antares System within The Thornlands.

While investigating, they discovered a massacre aboard the ship, but encountered a lone survivor who had managed to drag himself into the medical chambers.

The dying priest whispered the word “alpha” to the acolytes.

Reks and Kohanim were attacked by a squad of Sons of Antares marines, led by “Somnocles,” but the pair managed to escape aboard their Lightning Strike fighter The Dauntless.

The pair were heavily injured in the fight, but managed to escape into the dense nebula Doubt.

Shepherd Garian Kohanim

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