Sancta - Expert Liaison

"I'm here to protect investments and to make sure you're comfortable"


A client attaché at the auction being held at the House of Dust and Ash.

Sancta is knowledgeable about Imperial religion and theology, including the various saints of the Basque Sector.

She does her best to keep potential buyers comfortable, offering executive suites, expensive alcoholic beverages, and tours of the facilities. However, she is also there to keep the auction running smoothly.

Sancta can be described as “friendly but threatening,” speaking in a low, modulated voice at all times.

She seems to be able to sense psychic activity and threatened Wilfried Kornelius Johannes Maximillian Reik when she caught him using his powers on staff members.

Bluish black veins run down her neck and spread at least to her shoulders, as seen when she wore a formal gown to the opening of the auction. Her gums are also stained blue.

A hood and heavy xeno hides usually hide her unusual appearance.

The blue veins do not indicate that she is unwell, however, as she was able to effortlessly vault a staircase.

Sancta - Expert Liaison

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