Randall Morn

"We're on the brink of war and Aodarn wants to lead another crusade? Typical."


Randall Morn is the commander-in-chief of Daggerfall, a sprawling city-state on the surface of Dordrien.

Morn appears to be a commander of some skill and has a prior relationship with Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never, although it is unknown if that relationship is amicable.

He is not quick to trust The Compact of Ildánach Longhand, Vala Moorde, and Veigar Ahlberg – pledging very little support to the trio’s mission into the depths of the planet.

Morn claims to have knowledge of the World Engine the lies in the heart of the planet, but has not elucidated any further.

In the wake of the collapse of the Cult of the Red Spider, the resulting power vacuum appears to have put Daggerfall on the brink of war with the neighbouring city states of Highgate and Gathman’s Tower.

Randall Morn

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