Ombrol Lobslodan

Vale Ombrol, doomed lover, death knight


A grossly fat torso balances grotesquely upon spindly legs. A rusted helm hiding a shattered face. Pox-riddled flesh and an incredibly long sword. An open wound across the huge belly, leaking pus. The buzzing of a thousand flies. Above all, the stench of rot and despair.


Born in Three Forks almost a century ago, just below the Holden manor on Umber, Ombrol worked the fields, and Baron Holden grew fat on his labour. A fellow serf named Taryn was the only light in his life, but he knew that as a serf he could never hope to marry her – Ombrol had to make my fortune before he could claim her as his bride. So he left the fields of Umber, and went to Druon.

Enlisting as a guardsman, Ombrol fought on Besmellah, in the void, below the seas of Melchior. Released with an honourable discharged, he returned, fortune won, a soldier’s pay enough to make him a rich man on Umber.

But he was too late. Taryn’s father had died, and in order to keep the family home her mother had wed Taryn to the Baron, an unhappy marriage.

Approaching Taryn in the market one day, Ombrol became more unsettled by what she said. The Baron was a cold man, only interested in his own happiness. Taryn feared for her safety, as all the guards answered only to Baron Holden. They began to meet in secret, and Ombrol found employment as a guard in the Baron’s manor – until one of the guards found them together.

Ombrol was shackled in the dungeon for weeks, until one day Taryn came in the night and released him.

They fled. But not fast enough.

The Baron’s men rose in ambush at the Moss Chasm. Ombrol killed six, but it was not enough – Baron Holden shot Taryn through the heart. Ombrol was taken back and thrown in the dungeon.

Praying for release in the dungeons of the Baron, Ombrol began to rage when he the Emperor gave no answers – but something heard him, and answered.. Too late for his parents, dying poor when Holden kicked them out of Three Forks. Too late to kill Baron Holden – He choked on a peach stone at one of Bosporious’s banquets. But not too late for Ombrol to see through the lies of the Imperial Cult.

He travelled for much of the following decades, finding like-minded insurrectionists and hunting down members of the Holden family. Umber came to be seen as a haunted place, the fields lying fallow as the population fled. Eventually, Erim Holden, last member of the family line, worked up enough courage to approach Julianus Morrow for assistance in regaining his family estate – the perfect opportunity to end the Holden family line once and for all.

Now engorged with unholy power, Ombrol use his connections with the Pride to capture Holden, bringing him back to the manor, where he sacrificed the man in front of Wick, Jacques and Drake. In the ensuing conflict, the acolytes managed to send him back to the warp.

Ombrol Lobslodan

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