Mozaleen The Merchant

"Let me have one of your friend's organs and I'll give you whatever you want."


Mozaleen was a trader encountered by The Compact in the subterranean outpost of Szith Morcane on the planet Dordrien.

In contrast to his competitor Groniyad, Mozaleen was a far more traditional merchant – offering food, fuel, medical supplies and weapons in exchange for currency or bartered items.

The Compact bartered a progenoid gland from the comatose Ildánach Longhand for supplies.

Mozaleen appears to be skilled as a surgeon as well as a merchant, having had the capacity to operate on Ildánach and remove the progenoid gland in the Space Marine’s chest without lasting damage.

The Merchant also has a cadre of assistants who accompany him on his travels.

Mozaleen appears to use large lizard-like beasts to traverse the underground tunnels. He has access to at least one teleportarium, which presumably leads to Dordrien’s surface, near the city of Maerimydra. The teleportarium is located in the ruins of a Tzeentchian Tower, and was sabotaged by Felmya and ldánach Longhand.

Mozaleen The Merchant

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