Vale Jurgen, silent watcher.


A short but broad man, Jurgen has close cropped blonde hair and seems jovial.


A brewer on Calunsfield, Jurgen’s semi-legal operation produced ales prized throughout the sceptre worlds.

Though they look very dissimilar, the Hinterkaifec maidservant Cazalia was long rumoured to be Jurgen’s illegitimate daughter, due to the affection he showed the loathed child.

When Calunsfield became the target of Dark Eldar raiders, it soon became apparent that Jurgen was more than he seemed – beneath his brewery a complex lair had been constructed, even including an ancient Leman Russ battle tank, Saint Sebastian’s Mighty Hammer.

Jurgen died defending his home from the raiders, but was able to convince the acolytes to take Cazalia to an organisation called the Rookery.

Jurgen’s ornate naval duelling pistol was claimed by Dreg Mauser, who also took a pair of dogtags labelled Hiram Lockfish from Jurgen’s body.


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