Jacques LeLapin de Sanglant

"Might be time to get off this Astronomicon-damned hunk of junk..."


Jacques le Lapin de Sanglant is a former soldier of the Imperial Guard currently working for several competing factions of the Inquisition in the Basque sector.

Jacq is a long way from home, having been raised in Gunmetal City on the Hive World capital of the Calixis Sector, Scintilla.

Although Jacq and his family did not live in the underhive of the hot, stinking, lawless city, they were close enough to fear constant attacks from gangs that wanted to expand their territory or escape their hellish lives.

When Jacq matured, it is known that he joined Scintilla’s Planetary Defense Force with his friend known as Downer. The young men hoped to distinguish themselves and enlist in an Imperial Guard crusade and claim plots of land in “greener pastures”.

Several years later, they were granted their wish and were assigned to the Scintilla 216th Urban Warfare Legion under the command of Commissar Rikkard Bhaldraithe.

Jacq’s military campaigns consisted mostly against orkish invaders, but also fought in wars against separatists and chaos cultists.

The legion were eventually deployed to the Basque Sector to fight against growing unrest in the area.

Although successful, the Imperial Guard gained a reputation for being bloodthirsty and accruing significant collateral damage.

It is known that Jacq rebelled against Bhaldraithe and was sentenced to serve as a Penal Legionnaire. The nature of Jacq’s rebellion has never been spoken about openly, although Julianus Morrow and Agincourt seem to know the nature of his transgressions.

While serving as a member of the “Reclaimed” in the Brigade of Borrowed Time, Jacq was approached by Agincourt and recruited to the service of The Pale Lord, Marius Adothar .

Jacq served Adothar faithfully, although without any genuine sense of purpose. He gained a reputation as a daemon slayer for his actions on Tokugawa and on Hive Druon.

He is pragmatic – he has burnt down entire buildings just to destroy a handful of foes, has condoned the use of an unknown drug on a prisoner just to see the effect, and has fired into combat on a number of occasions.

Jacq is known for his skills with solid projectile weapons, particularly the heavy stubber. He is also known for his driving skills, having run down a Dark Eldar jetbike while driving a severely damaged Leman Russ battle tank.

Jacq is cold, aloof, deadpan and laconic, although that has not precluded him from forming attachments with Guardsman Drake, the blank Cazalia, and Dreg – nicknaming the latter “Mauser”.

Jacq has a tendency to sing “work songs” when he is enjoying a task. The songs usually have a heavy cadence to them, mirroring the heavy mechanical rhythms of Gunmetal City.

Jacq has a fear of psykers that has only been enhanced by his time with Wilfred Reik. The legionnaire now holds a substantial grudge against the hapless Inquisitorial agent, after an attempt to psychically bolster morale lead to an entire section of the ship they were travelling on the Hauersblade becoming depressurised, and Jacq getting blown into space.

Morrow rescued Jacq and Drake from the beleaguered Hauersblade and has press-ganged them into the service to an unknown purpose.

Jacq’s dealings with xenos, traitors, and daemons – along with some of his own darker acts – have left their marks. Jacq bears a witch mark on his abdomen, which takes the appearance of wet blood. While in the vacuum of space, a set of flaming chains erupted from the mark and acted as an anchor to the ship. How much of this Jacq remembers is currently unclear. He has also developed an aversion to bright light and now wears a set of tinted goggles.

Jacques LeLapin de Sanglant

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