Magos Explorator Iscariot

It is my great regret that we live in an age that is proud of machines that think and suspicious of people who try to.


Truth is subjective.

The long crimson robes of Magos-Explorator Iscariot cleverly disguise the fact that his biological legs have been replaced with hundreds of spider-like bionics. Multiple mechadendrites sprout from his back, and dozens of red eyes glow from within the shadows of his hood. He is rarely without his sworn brother, the Ruststalker Bladesman Brutus Quisling

A dangerous duellist, he is armed with twin pistols of archaic design.


A former servant of the Enginelords of Melchior, Iscariot now serves the mysterious forces of the Pride in the Damascene Reach.

Iscariot has earned the enmity of the trader household St George. He was last spotted in Imperial space in the sewers of Druon Prime, and is blamed for the theft of the Seed Essential.

Magos Explorator Iscariot

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