Irae T'Sarran - High Priestess of the White Banshee

Vale Irae - necromancer, usurper, fanatic


Irae T’Sarran was the High Priestess of the entity known as the White Banshee Kiralansalee and ruler of the subterranean city of Maerimydra beneath the surface of Dordrien before her death at the hands of The Fathers of Discord.

According to the elderly Red Spider priestess Quartia, Irae was a low-level priestess in the Cult of the Red Spider until the majority of her family was killed for not adhering to the doctrines and engaging in so-called blasphemies against the religion.

The massacre apparently curtailed the remaining T’Sarran family for a time, but it was after Irae’s son Zedarr T’sarran was captured and escaped the forces under Captain Dondarrion Locke that she began a path of vengeance.

As a low-ranking priestess, Irae was not as badly effected by the strange electromagnetic “pulse” that disabled so many of the Red Spider’s followers.

Irae had worked to covertly raise a Cult of the White Banshee within Maerimydra and took advantage of the silence of the Red Spider to stage a vicious coup while the priestesses scrambled to regain their senses and repel an invading ork army.

Irae was a sorcerer of considerable talent, having bested the Tzeentchian Master of the Tower in Maerimydra.

44429_0.jpg Irae T’Sarran tears the soul from Master Wharriel after besting him in combat

The White Banshee priestess raised a sorcerous shield to protect Castle Maerimydra, her base of operations.

Irae and the T’Sarrans controlled a variety of forces including cultists, capable warriors like her son Zedarr, powerful psykers including her daughter Dorina and nieces Velastra and Velina, and a Herald of Slaanesh called Glouroth.

She also controlled various undead servants of varying power. Her most powerful soldiers were creatures called Revenants, which appear to be vengeance-obsessed corpses that have retained their higher function. Psykers and sorcerers are reanimated as Silverwraiths – which appear to be skeletal figures cloaked in a cold white light.

Irae was researching a ritual called the Grand Revenance. The exact nature of the ritual, however, remains unknown. Irae has also summoned something called the Undying Temple.

Irae met her end at the hands of the Fathers of Discord, who did not give her a chance to deploy her considerable psychic might against them.

When Ildánach Longhand obliterated her mind with his own psychic power, the daemon bound within a gauntlet in Irae’s right hand possessed her helpless form for a short time before being defeated.

Irae also wielded a metal staff that projected green fire and lightning.

Since being recovered and taken back to the surface, the staff no longer projects any energy and has defied all attempts at identification.

Irae also wore a metallic plate studded with rubies across half her head and one of her eyes. Captain Dondarrion Locke tore the plate from her face.

Irae T'Sarran - High Priestess of the White Banshee

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