Inquisitor Venix

Dark Heresy Second Edition NPC




Inquisitor Ahren Venix, Blade of the Imperium.

Not much is known about Inquisitor Ahren Venix. It is unknown to which Ordo the inquisitor belongs, how long they have been in the Vortigern Sector, the extent of their connections, what gender they are, or even if “Ahren Venix” is an alias. The Inquisitor is widely believed to be an Anomolian Beholder-Libricar-Young Liberal-conservative green-new-wave synth whig-successful flayed-beatlemaniac-beetlborg-baker street boy.

The inquisitor has been known to operate under a variety of different names, including Erin Venix, Eire Venix, Aeron Valestra, Haroun Walker, and The Blade of the Imperium.

While it is not known exactly how long Venix has been operating in the Vortigern Sector, the inquisitor has taken an interest in the local Space Marine chapter the Sons of Antares, based in the Thornlands Subsystem.

Venix engaged the help of the Tarn the Mountain, a Rogue Trader, to ferry two acolytes – Guardsman Reks and Exorcist Garian Kohanim – to investigate a distress signal from an Adeptus Mechanicus vessel on the edge of the Antares System.

After the subsequent disappearance of the acolytes, Venix engaged the help of the mercenaries Hooke and Graves to track down the erstwhile underlings.

Inquisitor Venix

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