Guardsman Tymonn Reks

"I told you to stop mentioning those daemons."


An Imperial Guard in the service of the Inquisition.

Reks is a friendly, pragmatic man haunted by the things he has encountered in the service of the Emperor. He is plagued by nightmares of “daemons.”

He appears to be a young man, due to rejuve treatments.

Reks and his companion Shepherd Kohanim were sent to track down a missing Mechanicus vessel in the Vortigern Sector by Inquisitor Venix.

They discovered the vessel hidden behind a translation point in the Antares System within The Thornlands.

While investigating, they discovered a massacre aboard the ship, but encountered a lone survivor who had managed to drag himself into the medical chambers.

The dying priest whispered the word “alpha” to the acolytes.

Reks and Kohanim were attacked by a squad of Sons of Antares marines, led by “Somnocles”, the pair but managed to escape aboard their Lightning Strike fighter The Dauntless.

The pair were heavily injured in the fight, but managed to escape into the dense nebula Doubt.

Guardsman Tymonn Reks

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