Guardsman Drake Chromwell

"Dreg! Put that down! You're going to blow off your face off."


An old soldier wearing the finely tailored ruff and doublet of the Druon aristocracy. The tailoring does a passable job of hiding the fact that his left arm seems to have too many joints to it; the fingers are overly long. His elaborate collar hides a mechanical respiratory system.


Drake is a native of the Hive World of Felltree. A former guard officer in the commissariat, he is a longstanding acolyte of the Ordo Hereticus in the Basque sector.

Thought to have died fighting the corrupt tech priest Ilyn aboard the Hauersblade, Drake survived to enter the service of Julianus Morrow, alongside Jacques LeLapin de Sanglant and Brigham Wick.

Guardsman Drake Chromwell

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