Groniyad - Esoteric Trader

"I can save your friend, but you must give me something in return."


gron.jpg Groniyad carries a long, slender blade, which he uses to pierce the hearts of his enemies


Groniyad was a trader encountered by The Compact in the subterranean outpost of Szith Morcane on the planet Dordrien.

The merchant stands almost as tall as a Space Marine and dresses in flowing black robes. One of Groniyad’s most striking features is his mask – the almond-shaped garment shifts between being featureless, reflective, and showing shifting visions that change from person to person.

While Groniyad trades in material goods like food, fuel and weaponry, he also offers mystical, psychic and sorcerous services. He also takes esoteric forms of payment, including “the ability to smile,” “a happy memory,” and “the colour from your eyes.”

When asked if he was a servant of Slaanesh, he claimed he did not serve She Who Thirsts.

After the recovery of Ildánach Longhand, Groniyad disappeared from Szith Morcane without a trace.

Although Groniyad disappeared from Szith Morcane, Veigar Ahlberg was visited in his dreams multiple times by his supposedly dead brother Wjolek.

When The Compact arrived in Maerimydra, they made contact with a group led by Hâras – Anarchist and Dissenter. The group said they were in contact with “The Voice” within Castle Maerimydra and communicated mostly through dreams.

When The Compact sneaked into Castle Maerimydra, they discovered Wjolek in one of the upper rooms. Veigar’s joy was short lived, however, as the vision of Wjolek disappeared and was replaced by Groniyad.

The trader explains that he has infiltrated the Cult of the White Banshee to discover what their end plan is. He is also concerned that the meddling of Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee may disturb something buried within the depths of Dordrien.

Groniyad has claimed that he is a “protector of the Shivering Sea” along with his “troupe.”

Groniyad - Esoteric Trader

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