Erim Holden

Vale Erim Holden, last of his line.


A man grown fat on the luxuries of his position, Holden is dressed extravagantly in the latest Druon style.


Erim Holden, last scion of the Holden line, had spent most of his life spending the remains of his family’s fortune. A once great family, the Haunting of Umber had left them without access to much of their incomes, and their fortunes had dwindled; Holden decided to take it upon himself to retake his ancestral estate.

Making overtures to House Threetrees, the Banhauer house guard and the Brave Fellows, he was preparing his expedition when he was captured by the Secondborn, returned to Umber and ritually killed by the creature formerly known as Ombrol Lobslodan.

Erim Holden

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