The Daggerfall Cabal

Never put your faith in weapons or armour. When you require a miracle, bring a witch.


The Daggerfall Cabal is Ildánach Longhand’s coven of witches and warlocks, psykers and astropaths, warp weavers and grave callers. Currently operating from the Vulture-class frigate Ireedemable, they assist Ildánach with studies into the tomes and artefacts retrieved from the Undying Temple, the Daggerfall Mausoleums and Mantzecorian Towers.


Jenni Cassis was the head of the Daggerfall astropathic choir, such as it was, and is the only member of cabal other than Ildánach to be sanctioned. Her sanctioning was not performed by the Imperium’s Adeptus Astra Telepathica, but by the Sinning Witches of Samhain. Blinded by the effects of the sanction, she nevertheless remains looked upon as a leader by the other members of the coven. She took little convincing to leave the Daggerfall choir and join Ildánach’s coven.

Seer Cassis

Grines, a hedge witch and cut-wife, branded with occult symbols by her former friends in the Camarilla of the Lady of Greygard. After escaping Greygard, she made her living ridding young women of unwanted pregnancies in Daggerfall, and supplemented her lifestyle by selling love potions and wards. The arrival of Ildánach and the Fathers of Discord offered her a chance to find meaning and return to the studies of the warp she had abandoned long ago.

A lifetime of sorcery lost – but there’s still time to get it back.

Glycerus Kern is a young boy of strong but untrained talent. He is quiet amidst so many strange fellows, but is recognised amongst the group as having the strongest natural talent, if he could tame it. His parents gave him up to the cabal willingly; his presence has begun to curdle milk, and the night that the Fathers of Discord returned to Daggerfall all the vehicles in the neighbourhood had rusted overnight.

Flames_mage_fire_circles_fantasy_art_magic_artwork_children_www.wall321.com_76.jpg The echoes of the warp begin when they’re just children

Esmer was found wandering the Accursed Lands; he seems to have no problem being a part of the cabal, but has offered no strong opinions one way or another. A creepy, ungainly man with arms too long and legs too short, he tends to upset people; his penchant for speaking in rhyming couplets doesn’t help. Despite his eccentricities, he is a strong runesman and dwimmer.

Gang man, witch, outcast.

Wolveram is a weak witch, but eager to learn – the cabal represented a chance for him to escape becoming a sacrifice at the hands of the Witch-King. He is pathetically grateful to Ildánach, but longs to see his family again.

Cahir is a grave-caller and drighten. Ancient, he holds a grudge against the people of Daggerfall for killing his wife centuries ago; since being awoken, he has been kidnapping citizens of Daggerfall and dominating them with his powers and explosive collars. After annoying the Fathers of Discord too much, he was trapped by them in the valleys outside of Daggerfall, and has been captured and broken by Ildánach. Now forced to wear and explosive collar and work alongside the people he hates, he resents Ildánach – but not as much as he fears him. Cahir is nevertheless starting to respect his captor for his aptitude in the forbidden arts.

The Old Man in the Tombs

Sekr Stonefist joined the cabal at the request of Quorthnak; an acolyte of the red spider and a distracted mind, she has the unnerving ability to turn objects to stone. The others in the cabal find her unsettling, but she has struck up something like a friendship with Grines.

“The song of stone casts a thousand echos.”

The Daggerfall Cabal

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