Corporal Emma Canton

There is no forgiveness to be found for those who sympathize with traitors.


A strong and formidable soldier, Emma Canton is wearing an immaculate dress uniform and carries an ancient and ornate bolt pistol in addition to her regular sidearm.


An old soldier and former member of Drake’s Stormtrooper squadron, Canton was in a secret relationship with Commissar Al’Santari, and talked her way into the commissioning of the Pride of Besmellah to kill Lycene Bosporious. She is on shore leave from the flagship Justice of Basque, and is handy in a fight, a known card sharp, and has a penchant for repeating Imperial propaganda.

Canton believes that Lycene murdered Commissar Al’Santari to hide his guilt in the events surrounding the depredation of the Besmellan refugee fleets. For this crime she murdered Lycene in the Imperial Villa with Al’Santari’s bolt pistol.

Corporal Emma Canton

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