Comptroller Whiskeyjack Dawson


A high-ranking member of the Adeptus Administratum, with long, ink-stained fingers, Dawson is trailed by two giggling cherubim, both carrying heaps of scrolls. He is completely hairless and maddeningly cryptic.


Comptroller Dawson attracted the attention of the acolytes when they attended the events surrounded the commissioning of Lycene Bosporious and the launching of the Pride of Besmellah. He seemed to take a keen interest in all the proceedings.

The acolytes became more suspicious after overhearing a cryptic conversation with Marrtyn, Lychee’s aide, that implied that Dawson would assist in ridding the aide of Lychee’s attentions. When pressed by Orlanno Hock, Dawson implied he knew more about the situation than he was saying, and arranged to meet Hock in a chapel at the Katsura Imperial Villa during the celebration. Hock believes Dawson is a psyker, though he seems reluctant to share this information with the other acolytes.

Comptroller Whiskeyjack Dawson

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