Vale Cazalia, caught in the crossfire of war


A young girl of maybe nine years, Cazalia has dark hair and eyes. Something about her is immensely off-putting. She seems under-nourished.


Raised on the farm Hinterkaifec on Calunsfield, Cazalia acted as a young maidservant and farmhand for the household. Never well-liked, it was only the patronage of the brewer Jurgen that kept her in the families good graces.

Cazalia survived the Hinterkaifec massacres, though she was traumatised by the experience. She had been left unharmed by the shadow-beasts of the xenos raiders, unlike every other member of the household; the psyker Reik was able to confirm that she was a blank, or a psychic null.

Despite his immediate and insistent recommendation that they dispose of her immediately as an abomination, the cell took Cazalia under their wing. She became particularly close to Dreg and Jacques, while Tauron and Drake struggled to overcome their instinctive distaste.

Discovering Jurgen’s hideout beneath his brewery, the gang discovered the man was much more than he appeared, that he knew Cazalia was a blank, and had placed her at Hinterkaifec at the behest of a mysterious group called The Rookery. Before he died of his wounds, he asked them to return the girl to them, and to keep her safe – much to Reik’s disgust.

The cell escaped the ambush at the brewery in the mighty Leman Russ tank Saint Sebastian’s Mighty Hammer, and discovered that the nobleman Julianus Morrow had been hunting the girl. Surviving the ensuing firefight, they left Calunsfield on the Hauersblade.

During the food riots on board the Hauersblade, the cell split up, leaving Cazalia in the care of Dreg. When he was forced to leave her in the room briefly, she was poisoned by Dark Eldar mercenaries, and died in Dreg’s arms shortly after the disappearance of the venerable vessel.


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