The Dragon of Dordrien - Locke

"You kept me prisoner for years! I had to start a fire and crawl my way out of Highgate AND YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME?!" Zedarr T'Sarran to Locke


An older man, dressed in what appears to be a heavily-modified Imperial Navy officer’s uniform. The ranks have been removed.

Locke has the bearing of a commander and carries a variety of las weaponry.

During an assault on Castle Maerimydra beneath the surface of Dordrien, Locke was hit with a mutative psychic blast from the Tzeentchian sorcerer Master Wharriel.

The psychic blast has bestowed Locke with a reptilian appearance.

The combination of Locke’s new reptilian visage and another chaos mutation that allows him to breathe fire is a fearsome one, making the former Imperial officer seem like one of the dragons of Old Terra.

After defeating Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee – Locke tore the metal faceplate from her skull and kept it for himself.

During his process of investigating the properties of the item, Locke donned the faceplate. The object immediately attached itself to his face by burrowing into his left eye.

Locke has distanced himself from his old city, Highgate, and instead dedicated his time to collecting and recruiting other mutants who have been afflicted with the “Curse of the Dragon.”

The commander also spent much time training the Daggerfall military and successfully captured a number of merchant vessels, including four atmospheric ships and one void ship.

While travelling through the Shivering Sea, Locke and the Fathers of Discord came across a pocket of distorted time – within that pocket dwelt a daemon prince calling itself The Ngwenya.

Ngwenya revealed itself to be Locke, at least 7000 years in the future. The Ngwenya said it fulfilled a prophesy to become “the Dragon Who Ate The World” and had destroyed everything in the Shivering Sea.

283842-gustav_graves_large.jpg Dondarrion Locke, before his encounter with a Tzeentchian sorcerer


The Dragon of Dordrien - Locke

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