Brutus Quisling

Beware the machine, for its lineage is unhallowed.


+If a job is worth doing, it is worth killing for+

The Ruststalker Bladesmen Brutus Quisling is a nightmare of blades and steel. Almost wholly replaced by the dark technology created by his sworn brother, Magos Explorator Iscariot, his skills at concealment and stalking have only grown as he leaves his humanity behind.

Combats with Quisling tend to be short-lived affairs – a whirling dervish of blades and sharp edges, he plies his trade with the mysterious separatist group the Pride. He was last seen in Imperial space in the bowels of Druon Prime, having crippled the Rogue Trader Gilderoy St George.


A member of the Skitarii special operations unit of the forge world Constant Gaze, Quisling was apparently killed in action some seventy standard years ago, before reappearing in the Damascene Reach with the Heretek Iscariot.

Brutus Quisling

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