Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never

"I will not allow my people to languish in this frozen prison."




Aodarn, Warlord of the Horde of Never, the Red Son of the Shivering Sea.

Aodarn is the leader of the Horde of Never, one of the main factions vying for control of the warp anomaly known as the Shivering Sea.

Aodarn made a name for himself as a warlord and a capable warrior. There are rumours that the tyrant has been imprisoned within the Shivering Sea for thousands of year.

Indeed, it is difficult to tell with any certainty exactly how old he is. While he may have once possessed an impressive frame, he now looks withered and frail. Although he is stooped, observant individuals can see Aodarn would tower over an average human if he stood to his full height.

He commands the respect of millions of warriors within the Shivering Sea, including a band of Space Marines dressed in light blue and black. The marines’ livery is a winged snake.

In eons past, the Vortigern Sector was home to a Space Marine chapter bearing similar livery. The marines and their chapter master lead a crusade into the Shivering Sea in the 36th Millennium and were never heard from again. They were pronounced lost in mid-m36.

Aodarn currently is mustering forces on Halacarus, in the western part of the Shivering Sea.

Randall Morn revealed that Aodarn has been on at least three crusades in a bid to escape the Shivering Sea, all ending in failure. Morn was part of the previous crusade, but did not say how long ago that was.

Morn is not optimistic about Aodarn’s latest crusade.

Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never

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