Admiral Indira Reynard

"You're lucky I don't have you court-martialled."


Admiral Reynard is an imposing woman, scarred with many bionic implants to better interface with her vessels. Her uniform is clean but utilitarian, though not without indicators of her high rank, and her weapons seem to be more than just decorative pieces. She is usually surrounded by a coterie of guards and aides.


Reynard has come to Tokugawa to observe the commissioning of one of her new captains, Lycene Bosporious. She is a stickler for doing things by the book, which almost proved to be Drake’s undoing when he spoke ill of his ‘commanding officer’ to her. She is impatient that it has taken so long for Battlefleet Basque to be refitted, and is anxious to return to the fleet and join the crusade in the void above Coriolanus.

Admiral Indira Reynard

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