For Whom the Bell Tolls

Taskforce Drakon

"They fell upon us with an inhuman roar. Their sharp talons shredded our armour. I swear even one of them breathed fire!" Trooper Aeto, survivor of the Ambush at Log Horn

Only one thing binds the member of Taskforce Drakon, the Curse of the Dragon.

The “curse” is a common affliction within the Shivering Sea – it touches everyone from the lowliest hive scum to nobles born into houses with titles that take hours to recite.

Captain Locke heads Taskforce Drakon, a collection of those that suffer from the Curse. Its goal is to find a cure.

The group has recruited dozens of agents across Dordrien, and its leadership has been entrusted to a handful of mutants.

Ebicus Malucis – Locke’s most trusted lieutenant. Recruited from Daggerfall after the coup by Vala Moorde. He was a leading military officer in the army before he started showing signs of the Curse. He quit the military and spent a small fortune to find a cure for the disease – his search led him to Locke. A tactical genius, he’s calm and patient, also handy with a chainsword.

Ligoro Asta – Born in the slums of Daggerfall, Ligoro was a renowned gladiator before he was discovered by the task force. In the fighting pits of the Daggerfall, he was nicknamed " The Slasher" because of his forked tongue and clawed hands. Ligoro serves as the muscle for the taskforce.
The gladiator finds a purpose

Valius of House Eeyder – The sole heir of House Eeyder of Greygard. The family almost bankrupted itself looking for a cure for Valius. Rather than bear the shame of having a mutated son, the patriarch Romulus arranged for his son to be involved in a hunting “accident”. His life was saved his manservant Jeeves (who died at the hands of Veigar). He seeks revenge and has joined Taskforce Drakon seeking to reclaim his birthright.

Quiana Boeri Lominack -A former priestess of the Cult of the Red Spider, she was banished because of fears her affliction would spread. She was discovered on the surface of Dordrien by one of Locke’s scouting parties. Serves as a tech adviser to Locke.

When technology and mutation dance together

Janos – Not much is known about Janos – he came to Daggerfall offering his services as a spymaster to Locke. He’s quiet and has a twitch in his eye. But he’s been effective in finding and recruiting those afflicted to the cause.



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